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  Stainless steel introduced

Stainless steel jewelry is a kind of metal jewelry is very special, the texture is very tough, but very resistant to corrosion, it won't be like silver will be black, also won't like copper jewelry easy and allergic, but not as alloy jewelry because of lead and toxic, and stainless steel jewelry has always been in the normal life to maintain their color.

Stainless steel jewelry from inside to outside the same material, and through the artificial sweat test, its characteristics, completely no corrosion, and the resistance to acid, alkali resistance, do not change color, do not fade, not allergic, non deformation, hard, bright. Is completely have no side effects and no harm to the green environmental protection high-end jewelry on the human body does not.

Alloy elements on the corrosion on stainless steel jewelry contained in steel. Chrome is made of stainless steel corrosion resistance for the basic elements, when the Cr content in steel is 12% or so, the role of chromium and oxygen in the corrosion medium, forming a thin layer of oxide film on the steel surface (self passivation film), the matrix can prevent further corrosion of steel. In addition to chromium common alloying elements are nickel,
molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper, nitrogen so as to meet a variety of uses and properties of stainless steel requirements. The corrosion resistance and toughness and can increase the welding with chromium content increasing, resistance to chloride stress corrosion is superior to other types of stainless steel.

  Stainless steel is the modern material has more than 60 years development course, since the beginning of the last few years the emergence of stainless steel jewelry, stainless steel is the reputation of modern materials and accessories in the application of image collection in a body, as long as the correct choice of steel, processing is proper, appropriate maintenance, stainless steel jewelry will not produce corrosion, pitting corrosion, rust or wear, its competitors envy.